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A visit to the Christmas tree decorations online shop of Krebs Glas Lauscha will open your eyes to a wide selection of ranges of Christmas Tree ornaments from around the Thuringian region. In addition you will also find Christmas tree ornaments and many more assortments from our worldwide factories and partner companies.

We can offer exclusive Lauscha assortments that consist of many different exclusive shapes and hand-blown Christmas baubles. We can offer Christmas balls in a spectrum of colours, shapes and sizes.

You will find there are many unique decorated Christmas balls and Christmas tree decorations within our range. Of course you can also source from us your plain solid colour baubles (single colour) for your bauble collection. We also specialise in Christmas tree toppers. With Krebs Glas Lauscha you will be able to find the perfect Christmas tree topper to crown your tree in all it is glory.

Krebs Glas Lauscha are famous for our fairy tales collection. Hand painted to the highest standard, incorporating many years of Thuringian heritage, training and dedication, - Sitting next to your Christmas baubles. These remarkable pieces would truly be a highlight of any Christmas tree.

Animals and the animal world are a fascination for many of us. Here at Krebs Glas Lauscha you will not be disappointed in our huge collection of animal inspired Christmas decorations to highlight your Christmas tree. Cats, dogs, Birds such as wild forest birds, and the currently trending Owls.

Should you be searching for a Birthday Gift for a loved one or for a friend or colleague, a Christmas Gift or a gift for the annual Christmas party, Krebs Glas Lauscha is your one stop Christmas ornaments shop!

We pass on our best wishes to our many friends and customers who have purchased our Christmas tree ornaments over the years. If you are finding Krebs Glas Lauscha for the first time then please do not hesitate to contact us as we are here to help you find the finest Christmas tree baubles and christmas decoration assortments from the heart of Thuringia.

We look forward to being of assistance to you - Your Krebs Glas Lauscha Team.

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